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Tuesday, March 1st, 2011


FATHER Frank Bwalya has moved operations of Change Life Zambia (CLZ) to a new organisation to be called Get Involved Zambia (GIZ).

The former priest who fell out with some his colleagues on Change Life Zambia who claimed that the organisation did not have the position of Executive Director for which Father Bwalya went by, confirmed to Zambia News Features the formation of the new organisation.

“I have not broken away (from CLZ) per se,” Father Bwalya said and explained the genesis of CLZ from which he was left out on the list of directors when it was registered at the Patents and Company Registration Agency (PACRA) just over two years ago.

In an earlier text message, he wrote: “Please be informed that I have formed a different organisation called Get Involved Zambia. So all have moved to this new one. Fr Bwalya.”

Father Bwalya has been embroiled in controversy with the MMD from the time CLZ launched the Red Card campaign to kick out President Rupiah Banda and the MMD in this year’s forthcoming elections.

CLZ directors, John Chilima Kasongo, Laston Chama, Fidelis Chumbu Mbalazi and Paul Mwamba. recently sued Father Bwalya for allegedly illegally holding the position of executive director and using the organisation for political activities. (Read more here)

He was forced to relinquish his position as Catholic Church-run Radio Icengelo station manager and soon after went on sabbatical leave from his pastoral duties at Kitwe’s Ipusukilo parish.

Father Bwalya who has campaigned for the UPND/PF pact, has been accused by MMD supporters of being PF and the Red Card campaign a ploy to campaign for its leader, Michael Sata.

He has recently been accused of fathering a child with a Ndola woman whom she worked with at the radio station but sources told Zambia News Features that he is ready to go for a DNA test to determine the partenity of the child.

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Monday, November 1st, 2010


CHANGE Life Zambia (CLZ) is disappointed with the opposition UPND/PF Pact for failing to “use conventional wisdom and common sense” to resolve the issue of the Pact leadership.

CLZ executive director, Father Frank Bwalya, said in a press statement made available to the Zambia News Features Monday, that good leadership should by now not only strengthened the Pact but also expanded it to include other willing and patriotic opposition patriotic parties.

Father Bwalya whose CLZ endorsed the Pact when it was officially launched last June, said recent developments in the Pact made the civic organisation to believe that the two parties rushed into announcing its formation before addressing relevant issues.

“Moreover, the manner of handling the issue of who is more popular than the other between them has made us lose confidence in the leadership of the Pact,” Father Bwalya said.

UPND is led by Haikainde Hichilema while the PF is led by veteran politician Michael Sata and the two parties have largely avoided competing against each other in parliamentary and local government elections that have been held in the last two years.

The CLZ leader, however, threatened to withdraw his organisation’s support of the Pact if the leadership fail to amicably and expediently deal with issues that have caused the differences.

“We appreciate the fact that we can’t succeed in forcing or indeed begging PF and UPND to work together when they exhibit unwillingness to resolve issues which seem to separate them,” Father Bwalya said.

The Catholic prelate who is currently on leave absence from preaching duties, said in the statement that since 2001 Zambians have been consistently rejecting the MMD as shown by the combined results of the past elections apparently because the ruling party has abandoned its 1991 dream and become corrupt and dictatorial.

Father Bwalya said it was against this backdrop that many Zambians have been calling for unity among opposition parties to liberate the people from the MMD.

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Monday, May 31st, 2010


Change Life Zambia (CLZ) has unveiled a new theme for 2010 from its controversial theme, “Change or Die Zambia” it adopted at its inception a year ago. The new theme is “The Change We Want.”

In a statement issued a few days ago, CLZ executive director Frank Bwalya, said he was very happy that the 2009 theme which put the organization on a collision course with President Rupiah Banda and his government, had achieved its objective of raising awareness on the vital need for change.

“It is now clear that many Zambians appreciate the inevitability of positive change for Zambia to reverse its serious situation of regression and hopelessness. Moreover, poor people in our compounds and villages also know that the only solution to their suffering is change,” Father Bwalya said.


Father Bwalya flashes a red card

Under the new theme, CLZ would implement programmes and activities to facilitate the drawing up of a people’s manifesto (PM).

“This will be a document that will outline some cardinal and priority changes that the government to be formed after 2011 should implement to move the country forward. We shall lobby voters to demand adoption of the PM as a condition for them to vote for any party or candidate that will take part in the 2011 general elections,” he said. (Read full statement here)

CLZ last year launched the Red Card Campaign in which people flash red cards, blow red whistles and wear red attire as a way of showing displeasure with the current government.

Father Bwalya was arrested in March when he was allegedly caught distributing red cards to youth at a Youth Day function in Kitwe. The matter is still in court.

CLZ has penetrated the rural areas of the Copperbelt Province where the organization is active promoting civic awareness among the residents and the activities are now spreading to Northwestern Province.